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Summer Working Test 5th May 2019

Held at Y Neuadd, Cwmyoy, by kind permission of Mr. Richard Morris

Judges:  Mike Larkin, Clare Wood, Leigh Jackson and Simon Elliott

Open Test winners with the Judges and Field Trial Secretary Sam Hynd




No awards made


Novice Dog, Novice Handler

 1st  Masyaf Miss Sandrine handled by Linda Newnes

2nd  Hanans Gocoen Boy on the Hill handled by Steve Lax 


 1st  Nobsquinton Sea Aster handled by Bella Brown

2nd  Afon River handled by Andy Fisher

3rd  Troddenmills Get a Grip of Dacreford handled by Wendy Glue 

4th  Kaliture Fire Cracker at Hartleyjean handled by S Sentenbier

COM  Rory’s Pride Julie handled by Rory Phillips 


1st  Llangunwood Celtic Oak handled by Barney Williams

2nd  Kaliture Rooster handled by Andy Fisher

3rd  Tanyrhallts Blue Bloods handled by Wendy Glue

4th Arcklebear Sambar handled by Simon Hagain