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Open Show Sunday October 21st 2018

Judge's Critiques

I would like to express my gratitude to the club for inviting me to judge their open show. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and would like to praise the hardworking Officers and Committee for a well-run, friendly and hospitable day. I had some lovely dogs to go over, unfortunately, I had a couple of very good exhibits who were lame. Thanks, must also go to the exhibitors who entered under me, travelled and accepted my decisions with good grace.

Class 1
Minor Puppy Dog - 2
1st Britton - Bowstones Black Jasper. Lovely black puppy, who is just right for age, true Labrador texture and length to coat, good top line for one so young and correct in front which gave him his place. I particularly liked his lovely neat feet. Head still to come.
2nd Price - Rowanhol Blue Moon. Another promising exhibit with strong bone and substance, clean in neck and head, I am sure his movement will level as he matures.

Class 2
Puppy Dog - 2
1st Godden - Woodmist Coldplay. Gentle yellow with good bone and substance, enough coat to carry him of correct texture, kind head and eye with dark pigment. Good muscle tone for age which aided his movement, hold his tail high on occasions but level in top line. BPD
2nd Harvey Major - Linjor Rigsby. Larger proportioned yellow, deep in rib and body, good pigment and coat, preferred balance and proportion of 1.

Class 3
Junior Dog - 4
1st Carpanini - Carpenny Ross. My notes say ‘What a sweetie’. Steady 12-month-old, kind head with correct length of muzzle, eye shape and colour without any looseness. Clean in neck and well-placed shoulders, lovely balance with excellent spring to pasterns.
2nd Meredith - Linjor Lucca. Excellent rib and substance, moved with drive, preferred head and front of 1.
3rd Quick &James - Farnfield Tamzaneti

Class 4
Maiden Dog – 1
1st Carpanini – Carpenny Ross

Class 5
Novice Dog – 1 (1)

Class 6
Undergraduate Dog 4
1st Britton - Llanstinan Louis Lewis Bowstones. My find of the day. Expertly handled he commands attention without being over the top. So much to like and in first rate physical condition. Noble head without coarseness, correct tight, eye shape and neat ears. Soundly constructed with accurate angulation ending in precise, catlike feet. Level top line held as he flowed around the ring, this dog has legs and knows how to use them! BD, BIS
2nd Hext - Deerbrook Maximus. Loved the balance and old-fashioned stamp to this boy. I could look at his head and expression all day. Slightly longer in coupling than one and could not compete on the move but pleasing type.
3rd Jones - Adoraden Milky Way for Serengoch

Class 7
Graduate Dog 1
1st David – Linjor Tie’n’Tails. Extremely exuberant yellow who was difficult to assess. Settled once on the move, good rib and bone, correct coat, I would prefer a softer expression and better balance to head.

Class 8
Post Graduate Dog 5 (1, 1 W/D)
1st Moody - Trendlewood Mr Blue Sky. Powerful yellow, deep in body and well off for bone, short coupled with correct angulation, won the class on his movement.
2nd Barker - Deerbrrok Zacate. Kinder headed yellow with lovely temperament, excellent pigment and coat type, longer in coupling than 1.
3rd Perkins - Keeninspires Houdini

Class 9
Mid Limit Dog 5 (2, 1 W/D)
1st Felton-Page - Marshwiggle Mr Carson JW. Moderately sized yellow, not overdone in any way, kind in head. With super condition and muscle tone, reflected in his powerful drive.
2nd Price - Rowanhol London Welsh. Heavier set with ample bone and substance, excellent front.

Class 10
Open Dog 6 (1, 1 W/D)
1st Pinn - Abbeystead Beaufort of Haselorhill. Venerable gentleman whose steady disposition shone through. Lovely head with melting expression, correct angulation, lovely tight feet, without any exaggeration, just a true Labrador. Flowed around the ring like a youngster. RBD
2nd Britton - Bowstones Pumpkin. Another lovely exhibit of correct size and balance, good top line hled on the move, preferred front and pasterns on 1.
3rd Harvey Major & Robin – My Linjor Des Landes D’eole (Imp France)

Class 11
Special Working Dog or Bitch - 3
1st Godden - Woodmist Wesley. Strong chocolate, well off for bone and coat, of good harsh texture, strong neck into well placed shoulders, rood barrel rib and well let down hocks, moved well.
2nd Rogers - Dovecrag Fern D’Argent in Woodmist. Refined black, with sweet head and disposition, level top line, lacking in undercoat and depth.

Class 12
Veteran Dog or Bitch 8
1st Rogers - Woodmist Saffron. Magnificent class of oldies! This bitch belies her age and sets an example for younger models. True Labrador in all aspects, structure, spring of rib, angulation, head and beautiful expression. Still muscular and floated around the ring.
2nd Rogers - Woodmist Rosemary. Pushed 1 hard and shares many of the same attributes, just lost out on front to her dam. So classic, she really tugged at my heartstrings!
3rd Collins - Kaspair Play Misty For Me

Class 13
Minor Puppy Bitch 12 (2)
1st Bentley - Abbeystead Puzzle. What an introduction to the show world, this 6-month-old black was at her and her owners first show. So correct for age, from her sweet head with correct length of muzzle, nice eye shape without looseness. Lovely balance, wonderful tight feline feet, so promising I hope they continue with her. Pushed for BPB, I am sure her time will come.
2nd Miles - Llanstinan Mari Llwyd. Another promising girl, good spring of rib for age, reach of neck and drive on the move.
3rd Minchella - Abbeystead Psion at Haslorhill

Class 14
Puppy Bitch 4
1st Carpanini - Carpenny Philly. Anther classic black from this kennel who manage to produce consistency, temperament and type. So feminine, loved her balance, front, correct set of tail, just a stunning puppy who I would have loved to take home. BPB, BPIS.
2nd Braddon - Trendlewood Dunnabbey Ten Out of Ten. More substantial yellow, good bone and coat, who covered the ground well on the move. Preferred front on 1.
3rd Phillips - Sheenaron Merry Petal

Class 15
Junior Bitch 7
1st Carpanini - Carpenny Halshimoor Delicious. Lovely 11-month-old yellow, not overdone with everything in the correct place. Good dark pigment, balance on head with correct eye colour and shape whilst retaining feminine appeal.
2nd Felton-Page - Marshwiggle Wilhemina. Larger, scopier yellow with nice tight feet, moved well.
3rd Barker - Sharouns Yellow Ribbons Around Deerbrook

Class 16
Maiden Bitch 7
1st Bentley - Abbeystead Puzzle
2nd Wood - Trewinnard Ullswater. Unplaced in a quality Minor Puppy Class. Responded much better to a different handler. Clean lines, moved with purpose.
3rd Miles - Llanstinan Evernscence

Class 17
Novice Bitch 10
1st Minchella - Abbeystead Hope. Lovely size and balance to this bitch, good length of leg and body ratio, nice tight feet, Balance to head, correct eye shape and rich colour. Good on the move.
2nd Felton-Page - Marshwiggle Wilhemina
3rd Millward - Snowy Steffi at Rentas for Brimbleworth

Class 18
Undergraduate Bitch 8
1st Minchella - Abbeystead Hope
2nd Jones - Oakhouse One for Joy at Serengoch. The more I saw of this bitch the more I liked her and could have changed places with the winner. Understated Labrador, lovely balance and stamp, top line held on the move as she flowed around the ring. As the handler grew in confidence so did she, she is worth pushing.
3rd Evans - Farnfield Clarity TAF

Class 19
Graduate Bitch 4 (1)
Ist Brittons - Bowstones Windchime. Exquisite and stylish lack, full of breed type, not overdone, rich amber eye and attractive in head which was at its best when she remembered to use her ears. First rate angulation with correct upper arm. Her excellent muscle tone and condition reflected in her excellent movement, Superb, still young, I will watch her progress keenly. BB
2nd Hynd & Johnson - Maysborn Despicable Me. Correct in size with good balance, true coat texture with sweet head. Could not match the first on the move.
3rd Jones - Serengoch Wildest Dreams

Class 20
Post Graduate Bitch 4 (2)
1st Miles - Llanstinan Sky Blue of Newinn. Stronger headed bitch who won the class on movement and drive, holding her top line. Correct in bone and coat.
2nd Evans - Saranden Amahami at Bowsian. Ample bone and coat on this girl, pleasant in head and of nice type.

Class 21
Limit Bitch 5 (2)
1st Britton - Bowstones Polka. Old fashioned yellow who flowed from the tip of her black nose to her otter tail. Calm disposition who advanced around the ring with ease. Lovely length of neck into well placed shoulders, nice leg ratio, splitting hairs for top, RBB
2nd Rogers - Woodmist Mimosa. Moderate sized yellow with a lot of the same qualities as one. Great mover, just left her coat at home this time.
3rd Bishop & Essenhigh - Rowanhol Star Edition at Brynlluan

Class 22
Open Bitch 5 (1)
1st Phillips - Carpenny Velvet at Sheenaron. Feminine yellow with lovely balance to head, gentle with correct shape and dark pigment. Fine neck resting on good shoulders, excellent shaping to rib with good shape and spring to her pasterns. Short coupled with good rear. Her top line gave slightly on the move which held her back for higher honours but her movement overall was accurate. VERY close decision between one and two, just preferred cleanness in furnishings and neck on 1.
2nd Rogers - Woodmist Saffron.
3rd Carpanini - Follies Fine Finnish at Carpenny

Class 23
Brace Dog or Bitch 4 (1)
1st Evans
2nd Harvey Majors
3rd Jones