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Open Show Saturday April 13th 2019

Judge's Critiques

Thank you to the committee for their kind invitation, such a warm welcome and super hospitality throughout the day; a most happy and well organised show. A huge thank you to the exhibitors for such a quality entry and their wonderful support, and to my superb steward keeping everything flowing brilliantly from start to finish. Labrador temperaments were impeccable and the dogs were all a joy to go over. Some particularly lovely youngsters coming through that I hope continue to do well in the future. I was truly honoured to be your judge for the day. Thank you all.


MPD (2,0a)

1st Baker & Judd’s Harpitts True Spirit 8 month, chocolate, right for age. Liked his kind head and expression, good head proportions, length of muzzle and eye colour. Coat and tail of correct type and texture. Good bone and feet, stood four square, presenting a clean outline, good length of leg, moved steadily and striding out nicely, held topline on the move, covered ground easily. Well handled. In good coat. BDP & BMPIS.

2nd Bickerton-Jones’ Pennyhaf’s Blackthorn 6 month, black. Good head proportions, kindest of expressions and the sweetest personality. In good coat of correct type and texture. Built on slighter lines than winner, needing more time and to build a little more ring confidence.

PD (4,1a)

1st Chapmans’ Daisypatch Jelly Tot 9 month, yellow with nice head proportions and expression. Good front and rear angulation. Good body and bone, standing four square on neat feet. Presented in good coat. Moved straight and steadily.

2nd Walls’ Inca Velvet at Brynkellan 9 months, black with lovely head and eye, good length of muzzle, kindest expression. Liked his well made front, rear quarters well muscled, topline needing to level out at this stage in his development, thus slightly affecting balance and gait, otherwise moved soundly. In excellent double coat.

JD (5,2a)

1st Harvey Major’s Linjor Rigsby JW, 17 months yellow, masculine with kind head and expression. Good angles front and rear. Strong neck, good bone. Short coupled and in fit condition. Coat of correct type and texture, although losing coat, so well presented, moved well.

2nd Perkins’ Ludalor Lyle By Keeninspires 18 month yellow. Another youngster with kind head and expression, and good angulation front and rear. Moved well once settled for handler.

MD (0 entries)
ND (0 entries)

UGD (4,1a)

1st Lally’s Linjor Lucca 23 months Yellow, liked his clean balanced outline when stood, masculine head of good proportions, good neck and shoulder, nice topline and tailset. Sound mover.

2nd Baker & Judds’ Harpitts Minnie Mack JW 19 months chocolate, nice head proportions and eye, another with balanced outline and good body proportions to leg ratio. Moved ok.

GD (3,0a)

1st Carpanini’s Carpenny Ross. Won his class on head and the more balanced outline. Most handsome masculine head, with lovely eye and kind expression. Liked the more balanced picture presented by the overall front and rear construction; good neck and shoulder, depth of body and spring of rib, short coupled, strong over loin, well developed hind quarters and second thigh. Firm topline which he also held on the move. In excellent coat. Once settled, moved accurately, with power and drive.

2nd Hodgkiss’ Dinnozo Top Notch Alfie. Kind head and expression, good depth of chest and spring of rib. Nice bone and neat feet. Slightly longer cast than 1. Good hind quarters and turn of stifle. Also sound and accurate on the move.

PGD (4,2a)

1st Miles’ Llanstinan Sugar Daddy. Quality classic male that really caught my eye and presented all the breed qualities I was looking for in head, coat, tail. Has an ease of movement and presented such a clean balanced flowing outline. Ring presence and breed attributes shone through from his masculine but not overdone head, a lovely kind eye and biddable melting expression through to his strong clean neck into well placed shoulders, good depth of chest and spring of rib, firm topline and well set on tail. Stood four square on neat feet, strong in loin, well muscled hind quarters, good turn of stifle and well let down hock. Presents excellent angles front and rear, well off for bone. In excellent coat and condition. Moved with reach and drive, straight and true. Liked his scope, covering the ground with ease. Quietly handled and so well presented. My notes concluded “so well balanced, all male but not overdone” . Delighted to award him BD and later BIS.

2nd Moody’s Trendlewood Mr Blue Sky Another clean lined dog, scoring in head with good proportions and kind expression. Good neck, shoulder, topline, legs and feet. Moved well but not in his best jacket today.

LD (8,3a) Quite a mixed class in age range and breed type.

1st Phillips’ Sheenaron Merry Charlston. Loved the personality and endearing expression of this dog. Black of nearly four years with most lovely head and expression. Presenting a balanced picture with clean neck and shoulder, good front angulation, good legs and feet, level topline and tailset. In excellent coat and condition. Very active and enthusiastic on the move, moved straight and with drive. Won this class easily. Did not stop wagging, most happy disposition.

2nd Collins’ Kaspair Now Or Never. Two very different types. Rising eight years old, winning his place also scoring highly on head and expression, has good front angulation, super forechest and depth of body. Heavy coated. Moving straight and true. Very well presented and certainly one of the best movers in the class, a credit to his owners.

OD (5,3a)

1st Britton’s Bowstones Pumpkin. Quality yellow male, with a masculine head, lovely eye shape and kind expression. Another balanced picture with pleasing front assembly, good reach of neck into well placed shoulders, super forechest with good length to upper arm, depth of chest and nice spring of rib, short coupled. He has good bone, length of leg, a firm topline and correct tailset. Well muscled and in fit condition. Moved straight and true with power and drive, having slight edge on movement over 2nd with ease of ground coverage. In good coat. Well handled and presented. Pushed hard for top honours and delighted to award him RBD.

2nd Stafford & Czajor’s Saturday Night Live (Imp. Pol.) Energetic black male more compact than 1, another very nice eye and masculine, kind expression, different head proportions to winner. Liked his clean neck into well placed shoulders, firm solid topline and good tailset, well off for bone, in good coat, stood four square on neat feet. Moved with drive.

Mixed sex classes

Sp.W D or B. (1,0) 1st Farrar’s Henissy Razzle Dazzle Four years chocolate bitch with good eye and kind biddable expression. good neck and shoulder, nice length of leg to body proportions, in very good coat, would not want any more weight, moved well and steadily for owner.

Vet. D or B. (10, 2a)

1st Britton’s Sh Ch Martinstide Pastiche Of Bowstones JW. 8 years beautiful yellow bitch oozing breed quality throughout. Beautiful feminine head and expression, presenting a very balanced clean outline with correct angles front and rear, she flows from the tip of her nose to the tip of her tail straight off her back. Not in her best jacket today but coat of correct type and texture. Elegant mover covering ground with ease, straight and true. Pushed the younger exhibits hard in the challenge and considered for higher honours. Delighted to award her BVIS.

2nd Stewart’s Sh Ch Streamanda Top Knotch nearly nine years quality yellow male, handsome masculine head with lovely eye and kind expression, slightly longer cast than winner but good angles front and rear, coat on the blow, moved well.

MPB (0 entries)

PB (7,1a)
Lovely class of puppy bitches

1st Braddons’ Trendlewood Simply The Best. A beautiful 11 month pale yellow, feminine head of correct proportions, lovely eye and melting expression, flowing clean lines at this young age, good neck and shoulder, depth of chest, spring of rib, firm topline, held on the move with tail straight off the back, well developed hind quarters, good second thigh and well let down hock, lovely bone and in good coat. Moved very well straight and true. One for the future I am sure.

2nd Walls’ Wee Besom At Brycellan 9 months Black presenting a lovely balanced outline, built on compact and clean lines. Head of correct proportions with good kind eye, just preferring head of winner. Good angulation front and rear with lovely reach of neck and shoulder placement, good depth of body and leg length, lovely bone and in good coat. Held her topline on the move, moving well. Another lovely prospect.

JB (13,5a)
Another lovely class of quality youngsters and a close decision between 1 & 2.

1st Kent’s Trewinnard Tamar 13 month quality Black just right for age with most beautiful feminine head and expression. Loved her clean lines, excellent reach of neck and lay of shoulder. Good topline and tailset. Slightly the more balanced outline and turn of stifle than 2. Good angles front and rear and in excellent coat. Moved really well. Shortlisted in the challenge and another one of my considerations for higher honours.

2nd Minchella’s Abbeystead Psion Of Haslorhill. At just 12 months, quality black bitch with most beautiful head, correct proportions and kindest of expressions. Another super mover. Lovely clean outline with good neck, shoulder, legs and feet, topline and tailset. Well muscled, in fit condition, and in good coat. Moved really well.

MB (9,0a)

1st Peggs’ Jancet Aurora 15 months beautiful Yellow oozing breed quality that really filled my eye. Loved her flowing clean lines and balanced body proportions from her beautiful feminine head along her clean neck into well placed shoulders, super forechest, heart room, spring of rib, length of leg, excellent angulation front and rear, solid topline with tail straight off the back. Stood foursquare on neat feet, lovely bone. Moved with ease, beating 2nd on her overall balance and developing maturity. In a really pleasing and strong fought bitch challenge, delighted to award her RBB.

2nd Braddons’ Simply The Best (see PB winner).

NB (10,0a)

1st Peggs’ Jancet Aurora (see MB winner) Deservedly winning another strong class.

2nd Hobans’ Meadowleigh Black In Style 16 month lovely Black bitch preferring slightly head and outline of 1, but so much to like about this quality youngster. Presented in full coat of correct type and texture, good reach of neck, correct angles front and rear, stood four square on neat feet, moved ok once settled for handler.

UGB (12,2a)
Yet another class of quality youngsters

1st Barkers’ Sharouns Yellow Ribbon Around Deerbrook. 22 months compact Yellow. Not a big bitch but really liked her classic type and clean outline, her feminine head and her balanced front and rear construction. Everything in the right place, she was presented in good coat and moved out really well.

2nd Evans’ Farnfield Clarity 19 months bitch with lovely balanced outline as 1. Standing four square, with good bone and good angles front and rear. In fit condition, moving really well with ease and scope. Just preferring more feminine head of winner.

GB (5,2a)
Much to like about both 1 & 2, close decision which could change on another day and with growth and maturity

1st Hodgkiss’ Dinnozo Yellow Diamond Yellow with most feminine head and kind expression. Good front angulation, depth of chest and spring of rib, shorter coupled than 1, moved well.

2nd Kent’s Trewinnard Picadilly Yellow, beautiful calm disposition, kindest of eye and expression. Liked her firm level topline and tailset, good reach of neck and lay of shoulder, slightly longer cast and lacking in maturity to 1, thus the slightly more balanced picture presented by the winner today. Moved steadily and accurately on good legs and feet.

PGB (10,3a)

1st Hobans’ Meadowleigh Romantic Quest . Gorgeous Black bitch oozing breed quality. Loved her balance and flowing classic clean lines. Most feminine head with beautiful melting expression and Labrador character. Presented in excellent coat and condition. Super front and rear angulation, good reach of neck with correct shoulder placement, good depth of chest, nice spring of rib, firm topline and correct tailset. Good turn of stifle and well let down hocks, lovely bone, stood four square on neat feet, well developed hind quarters. Moved steadily and accurately, straight and true, with reach and drive. Looking “in full bloom” and in my final analysis this was the bitch that had all the breed qualities to earn her Best Bitch in a strong bitch challenge. Also delighted to award her RBIS.

2nd King’s Mikmaqlabs Cheyenne Yellow with a balanced outline and built on clean lines. Not in the best of coats but of the correct type and texture. Good front and rear angulation, good reach of neck and shoulder, spring of rib, short coupled, level topline, good tailset, moved well. Preferred slightly head of winner.

LB (7,2a)
A class of very well moving exhibits, close decision between 1 & 2.

1st Braddons’ Trendlewood Strange Magic quality Yellow, with feminine head and melting expression. Liked her balanced clean outline, correct front construction, good topline and tailset, length of leg, well angulated and muscled rear quarters. In excellent coat, standing four square on neat feet, moved very well.

2nd Miles’ Llanstinan Macaroon paler yellow, also built on clean lines presenting lovely balanced outline, with correct angles front and rear. More compact and shorter in leg than 1 still presenting a balanced picture, she moves really well using strong rear quarters. Head slightly more moulded and preferring the more feminine head of winner. In very good coat.

OB (4,3a)

1st Phillips’ Carpenny Velvet At Sheenaron. Quality Yellow presenting clean balanced flowing outline that I so admire. So much to like from her beautiful feminine head and expression, to excellent front and rear angles; clean neck into well laid shoulders, level topline, lovely spring of rib, correct tailset, good second thigh, well let down hock, enough coat of correct type and texture and moving steadily. Although stood alone, very much deserving of her first place in her class, just didn’t quite make enough of herself in the final challenge to take her to higher honours.

Brace (5,1a) I would like to commend all the four super brace teams taking part; moving their dogs expertly across the ring and back. Handler and dogs moving so well together, not an easy task to achieve with the tight turn at the top of a relatively small ring, well done to all!

1st Miss Farrar’s Brace. Two chocolate bitches very similar in head and expression, both standing four square, similar in body, size and leg length. Both in good coat. Attentive to handler, well schooled, moving very well together.

2nd Mrs King’s Brace. Two Yellow bitches, in good coat, well matched in head and expression, at one with handler. Moved well together.

Lisa Finney (Judge)