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Championship Show February 4th 2017

Judges' Critiques


I would like to thank the Committee for the invitation to judge this well run and friendly club show, also my hard working stewards and my co-judge for reaching all our decisions quickly. Best in Show was Ch Medowleigh Brown Sugar Reserve Best in Show and Best opposite Sex was Baileydale Miss Busybody JW Best Puppy was Saranden Rockrose and Best Veteran was Sh Ch Brockburrow Breaking Dawn


It is some 5 years since I last judged the breed and it would have been nice to say that all is well with our breed, sadly that is not the case especially in the males. The breed has changed and we are losing, quite probably have lost, the true English Labrador and line breeding has become very much a thing of the past, probably due to the influx of overseas dogs.


 My concerns were the lack of upper arm and the lack of angulation in the forehand. Unfortunately the breed standard is silent on this point and it does not even feature in the KC Breed Watch items for the Labrador.  A number of exhibits were displaying too much weight over their shoulders and this again detracted from their movement. I was looking for a dog with free ground covering movement with good reach and drive. With humans they say that “cleanliness is next to godliness” perhaps for dogs it should be “soundness is next to godliness”


There were too many feet that were flat and splayed with thin pads, the standard calls for ‘round compact feet with well developed pads’, anyone who works their dogs regularly will know the importance of good front angulation and sound feet. Size was very variable in some classes, the standard says ‘the ideal height is 56-57 cms for dogs’ some would have been nearly 10 cms over this. Coats were very soft in quite a lot of the exhibits and were rather open.  Heads on the whole were acceptable although there were a few that reminded one of a hound rather than a Labrador. There were a lot of tails being carried gaily particularly on the move which detracts from the overall outline of the dog.  We seem to be losing the true ’otter’ tail, many tails were heavily coated but not necessarily broad at the base and tapering as called for in the standard. Take a look at a picture of an otter’s tail it is very different to tails on the today’s exhibits!


A new concern was that a lot of chocolates displayed a lack of pigment around the eyes, this may have been a transient condition over the winter but certainly the appearance of pale eyes rims detracts from the gentle expression one expects to see in a Labrador.


I hope my final line up showed the type of dog that I was looking for which was a sound moving medium size dog without exaggeration that would not look out of place in the shooting field.


I have accepted two further judging appointments in 2019 after which I intend to hang up my ‘judging hat’ it would be nice to think that in the intervening period some of these points  will have begun to be addressed.


Minor Puppy(11 1abs) a lot of exhibits were displaying very soft coats in this class and splayed feet.

1 Gaskell’s Sharouns Ventriloquist for Tempaskell yellow good overall balance pleasing head and expression,well angulated forehand good bone, tight feet, correct depth and spring of rib, level topline, correct tailset, strong hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Moved soundly with drive shown in good coat. Should have a promising future. Best Puppy Dog


2 Bailiss Tissalian Hi Jack, yellow, not quite the maturity of one above but another very good puppy, true Labrador head, good reach of neck and lay of shoulder, good depth in the chest, level topline, short in the loin, sound hindquarters, hocks well let down, good bone and tight feet, shown in correct coat and movement was positive and sound.


3. McLellan’s Saranden Rock Revival


Puppy (8 1abs) a number of exhibits in this class would have benefitted from some ringcraft training!

1 Litherland’s Oakhouse Ortomobile,chocolate very sound puppy, pleasing head and expression with good eye colour, nice length of neck set in well laid shoulders, good upper arm, straight forelegs, tight feet, good spring and depth to the ribs, level topline, strong hindquarters, correct tailset, moved with drive, shown in good coat.

2 Venturi Rose’s Leospring Brown Nut not quite the substance of 1 above but a good honest dog. Liked his head and expression, good eye colour, adequate reach of neck and well angulated forequarters. Good through the body but would prefer slightly better tailset, strong hindquarters which he uses well on the move. In good coat and hard condition.

3 Dawson’s Labdragon Spirit of Breeze


Junior(10 3abs)

1 Tooth’s Sandylands Over the Moon to Ludalor, yellow, won this class on his sound driving movement. Head well developed with adequate stop and good ear set, very good reach of neck set in well angulated forehand. Good bone and tight feet, correct depth and spring of rib, strong topline held on the move. Hindquarters well developed, good turn of stifle which he uses well on the move. Shown in fit condition and good coat. One to watch for the future.

2 Findjan’s Rossacre That I’ll Do, yellow, very nice youngster with good overall balance, very pleasing head and expression, good forehand angulation but just a little heavy on the shoulder, good ribs, level topline with good tailset. Sound hindquarters tends to watch the handler too much on the move but a sound mover when he settles. In good coat and condition.

3. Percival’s Wynfaul Tonto.


Yearling (9 3abs)

1 Allen’s Timouron Legacy Yellow, a dog I have not seen before, he was very good to go over. Very true Labrador head, gentle expression, nice stop, good reach of neck well angulated forehand good bone and tight feet, well sprung ribs true topline held on the move, strong hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Shown in correct weatherproof coat, moved very soundly.

2 Mills Lembas Pinball Wizard yellow, well grown for his age, kind head and expression good reach of neck and lay of shoulder, would prefer more length in the upper arm, nice bone and feet, tended to lose his topline when standing free, sound rear quarters in fit condition but a little close in front on the move.

3 Phillips Sheenaron Merry Charlston


Maiden(6 1abs)

1 Bambrook’s Marshwiggle Shakespeare at Ravoakar yellow 4th in Minor Puppy nice head and gentle expression, good reach of neck & lay of shoulder, good bone and tight feet, nice spring of rib, drops off over the croup a little.  Correct angulation to the hindquarters, moved soundly and show in good coat.

2 Harvey-Major and Robin’s My Linjor des Landes d’Ecole (Imp Fra) chocolate, nice head and expression lacking a little pigmentation round the eyes, would prefer slightly cleaner through the neck, good ribs & lay of shoulder, short coupled pleasing hindquarters angulation, good bone and feet, carries his tail a little gaily on the move, would prefer tighter front movement.

3 Ludlow’s Saranden Rock a Scott      


Novice(11 3abs)

1 Brittons Bowstones Pumpkin yellow, at his first show, Very pleasing type, I really liked his overall balance, genuine Labrador head, gentle expression, good length of muzzle, very sound well angulated forehand, level topline and tailset, good depth on chest and spring of ribs, strong driving rear quarters. Moved soundly with drive, in good coat of correct type and texture.

2   Percival’s Wynfaul Tonto fox red 3rd in Junior nice size, well balanced dog, pleasing head true expression with no coarseness, good lay of shoulder, enough bone and tight feet, well sprung ribs short in loin strong hindquarters with good turn of stifle. Not quite in his best coat on the day, front movement could be a little tighter.

3 Bambrook’s Marshwiggle Shakespeare at Ravoakar



1 Brittons Bowstones Pumpkin

2 Venturi Rose’s Briwed Magic at Leospring fox red, nice overall balance and size would like just a little more substance. True Labrador head and expression, good reach of neck and lay of shoulder, level topline ribs well sprung and with depth, well angulated strong hindquarters, moved soundly but a little close in front. Not quite in his best coat but of correct type and texture.   

3 Ludlow’s Saranden Rock a Scott     


Graduate (7 1abs)

1 Mclean’s Afinmore Azurfal chocolate, very good overall balance, particularly pleasing head and expression good eye colour and pigmentation. Excels in reach of neck set in well angulated forehand with good length to the upper arm. Ribs well sprung with good depth strong topline. Well muscled hindquarters, hocks well let down, sound movement which won him the class.

2 Williamson’s Sharouns Talk of the Town JW yellow, another nice example of the breed from this kennel carrying just a little extra weight on the shoulder for me that cost him the class.  I particularly liked his head which is true gentle Labrador, he as very good bone and stands four square on tight feet. Forehand and hindquarters are well angulated, shown in good coat.

3 Lewis’ Crammondkirk Happy Minion JW


Post Graduate (19 7abs) at the top of the page for the notes for this class I wrote ‘so much variation in size and type and feet very poor’!

1 Percival’s Wynfaul the Wizard black, nothing overdone with this dog everything in its right place, particularly good head and pleasing expression, very good reach of neck set in well angulated fore quarters, ribs deep and well sprung, short in loin good tailset strong hindquarters with good turn of stifle well muscled throughout, shown in correct coat moved with purpose, from the ringside I have sometimes questioned this dogs soundness today he was spot on, close up for the top honours.

2 Finney’s Play on Words a little longer cast that 1 above but nevertheless a good example, nice head with good stop and ear set, good lay of shoulder level topline but would like a slightly better tail set strong hindquarters with good drive on the move, not in his best coat on the day but of correct type and texture.

3 Mclean’s Afinmore Alain JW Sh CM


Mid Limit(7 3abs)

1 Litherland’s Oakhouse Orlando Bloom, yellow strongly made dog with good overall balance, masculine head and expression but not overdone, pleasing reach of neck, well laid shoulder, good bone and tight feet, good depth and spring to the ribs, level topline, correct tailset Shown in hard condition and moved soundly with drive, in good coat.

2 Callender’s Parbuckle Blue Spruce, black, preferred the head of 1 above, for me his muzzle could have a little more length, clean through the neck and shoulder, well sprung ribs with good depth and level topline, well boned, would like a little more turn of stifle, not in best coat on the day, but of correct texture.

3 Sharples Cadbarin Loganberry


Limit (14 5abs)

1 Finney & Callender’s Carpenny Ship to Shore, yellow, very good overall balance and for me classic outline, true Labrador head gentle expression, clean through the neck and forequarters with good angulation. Well sprung ribs with depth, strong topline, good turn of stifle and hocks well down, Good bone and tight feet. Very sound on the move with good length of stride. Sadly out of coat on the day but it was correct texture and type. In the challenge this had to count against him Res CC

2 Allen’s Timouron Time Will Tell, a new dog to me, very close up to 1 above but preferred the cleaner outline of the winner. Correct gentle head and expression, pure Labrador. Good reach of neck and well angulated forequarters, good depth to the ribs, level topline, well muscled hindquarters good turn of stifle. Shown in good coat and moved soundly a nice example of the breed. 

3 Venturi Rose’s Leospring Gold Gili


Open (7 3abs)

1 Callaghan Ir Sh Ch Claychalk Costa Zaire of Bannabeach, black nice overall balance to this dog. Good masculine head with kind expression good stop and good ear set. Clean through the neck and shoulder with good lay. Level topline with good depth to the ribs well ribbed back, Strong hindquarters with good angulation, shown in good coat and condition moved soundly with drive.

2 Williamson’s Sh Ch Sharouns Illusionist JW Sh CM yellow, one I have liked from the ringside, on the day I found him just a little heavy on the shoulder which detracted from movement. Very clean masculine head with pleasing expression. Good reach of neck and forehand angulation, nice bone and tight feet, Good depth through the chest level topline and correct tailset. Strong hindquarters which he uses well on the move, a worthy Show Champion.

3 Lewis’ Crammondkirk All the Gossip JW


Special Beginners (8 1abs)

1 Felton-Page Marshwiggle Mr Carson, yellow, classic type, very balanced, liked everything about this dog but he does give his handler a hard time in the ring with his exuberance! True classic Labrador, very good reach of neck set well angulated forehand good length to the upper arm. Very good ribs, short loin, strong topline, correct tailset, well developed hindquarters which he uses well on the move.  Shown in good coat and fit condition, in very close contention for the top awards and one who surely will he get his title.

2 Chapman’s Killanow Sentinel at Daisypatch, yellow a nice dog, preferred the front and feet of 1 above. Clean head kind expression good reach of neck and lay of shoulder would like more upper arm, good bone but feet a little open. Level topline good spring of ribs, good turn of stifle, not in his best coat on the day, would prefer tighter movement in front.

3 Ludlow’s Roboshalee First Gunner


Special Working (2)

1 Wyatt’s Ch Meadowleigh Brown Sugar, chocolate, well known dog, well proportioned masculine head, good stop, to be hyper critical I would better pigmentation round the eyes. Good reach of neck set in well angulated forehand, deep ribs with good spring level topline and tail straight off the back. Well angulated hindquarters which he uses well on the move Shown in good coat and fit condition, he would not want to carry anymore weight. CC and with the agreement of my co-judge BIS 

2 Jenner’s Rossacre Trail Blazer at Lynansen, black, very sound dog I have judged previously for his SGWC, true Labrador head with kind expression, good length of neck and lay of shoulder, nice spring of rib, short coupled, but drops off over the croup a little, strong hindquarters, moved soundly, shown in fit condition and good coat


Veteran (2) two Grand old gentlemen

1 Braddon’s Trendlewood Only to Fly black 9yrs very pleasing head and expression keen eye, pleasing forehand angulation, still holds his topline well, good tail set, strong hindquarters, moved soundly, in good coat and condition and thoroughly enjoying his day out.

2 Moody’s Trendlewood Finn the Eskimo black 8yrs very similar to 1 above but preferred the outline of the winner, nice masculine head, and expression good reach of neck and lay of shoulder, good depth of ribs, drops off over the croup a little. Not quite the rear quarters of 1 but moved soundly and shown in good coat.


David Coode






Many thanks to the Committee for inviting me to judge, for the exhibitors for entering under me and to my excellent stewards. The atmosphere was good and I was very happy to find the quality and type I was looking for in my final line up of bitches.  


MPB (17,4)

1. McLellan’s Saranden Rockrose. This promising yellow caught my eye as she came into the ring. She was a joy to go over and to see on the move. So well balanced throughout, kind Labrador expression, lovely reach of neck and shoulder, well angulated fore and aft, good spring of rib, tight feet and in good coat. Best Puppy In Show.

2. Metcalfe’s Baileydale Piccallili. Balanced yellow with plenty to like about her. Pretty head with a strong neck and good angulation. Good spring of rib and short coupled. Good coat and shown in good condition. Moved well.

3. Powell’s Seatallan Yellow Archangel

PB (14,1)

1. Dodd’s Eneleon Super Squiffy. Very well made yellow just right for her age. Lovely head and sweet expression, good reach of neck, clean lines, level topline, good bone and feet, well muscled and in good coat. Moved very soundly and showed well.

2. Flockton’s  Dysonleigh Annapolis. Lovely black girl in good coat, with good conformation, a sweet head and expression, strong neck, excellent hindquarters, good bone and neat feet. Nicely balanced mover.

3. Kent’s Trewinnard Piccadilly

JB (20, 5)

1. McLellan’s Saranden Rock Your Baby. Very typical balanced yellow with lovely head expression and happy calm outlook. Good front and reach of neck, strong bone, level topline good spring of rib and well muscled quarters. Shown in good coat and condition with correct otter tail. Moved well.

2. Lesley’s Steeleigh Final Legacy. Black with very nice head and expression with good conformation, shown in super coat and condition. Strong neck into excellent shoulder placement with level topline, good rear angulation and good tailset, excellent ribcage, strong in loin. Moved well.

3. Carpanini’s Carpenny Virginia

YB (14)

1. Carpanini’s Carpenny Portia. Nicely constructed black of good type shown in good coat with very pleasing head and expression. Good neck and shoulders, good bone, neat feet, excellent ribs and well muscled quarters. Moved well. 

2. Brown, Todd & Rahman’s Foulby Krista. Very nice black with lovely head and expression, well muscled in good hard condition. Clean neck set into well made shoulders. Good ribs and loin, topline and tailset. Good bone and tight feet. Moved well.

3. Tatchell’s Smokeycot Ebony Daydreamer

MB (13,2)

1. Dodd’s Eneleon Super Squiffy

2. Flockton’s Dysonleigh Annapolis

3. Lesley’s Steeleigh Final Legacy

NB (7,3)

1. Lesley’s Steeleigh Final Legacy. 

2. Kent’s Trewinnard Piccadilly Very nice pale yellow well grown puppy with lovely head and kind eye, in good coat with good otter tail. Good neck and shoulder, firm topline balanced throughout with a good spring of rib.  Steady mover.

3. Perkins’ Keeninspires Eclipse

UB (10,3)

1. Nuttall & Topping’s Carpenny Leonada at Gamblegate JW. Eye catching well constructed feminine yellow in good coat with lovely head & expression. Clean outline, level topline, good hindquarters, moved well on strong legs & feet.

2. Lesley’s Steeleigh Surprise Surprise. Nicely made with pleasing head, in good coat. I preferred the over all balance and outline of 1. Showed and moved well.

3. Percival’s Wynfaul Flame And Fortune

GB (9,2)

1. Lewis’ Crammondkirk Happy Feet. Very nice yellow with lovely head and expression and happy outlook. Well balanced, level topline with tail straight off, good bone in good  coat and condition, showed and moved well.

2. McGill & Williamson’s Stelainros New Tricks at Deniangill JW. Heavier built yellow with good angulation front and rear and level topline. Typical head with nice expression. Moved well.

3. Braddon’s Trendlewood Strange Magic

PGB (14,3)

1. McLellan’s Timouron Sioux For Saranden.  I really liked this lovely black with very nice head and expression, she is not overdone in any way. Good over all balance, neck and forehand. Good rib loin topline and tailset with well muscled quarters. Well boned with tight feet presented in excellent coat. Moved with drive.  RCC

2. Metcalfe’s Baileydale Eliza Doolittle. A quality yellow bitch of good type, short coupled  with a clean balanced outline. Good front angulation and reach of neck, level topline, well muscled quarters with good rear angulation. Sweet head and expression. Good active mover.  

3. Phillips’ Carpenny Velvet at Sheenaron

MLB (9,2)

1. Mills’ Lembas Crackling Rosie JW. Well presented yellow of good type with very nice head, good neck and shoulders, level topline, good bone, excellent ribs and well muscled quarters. Sound mover. I liked her a lot but sadly out of coat today.

2. Lewis’ Afinmore Adele At Crammondkirk. Nice black girl with good conformation, a sweet head and expression, strong neck, level topline good hindquarters, good bone and neat feet. Heavier type than 1. Nicely balanced mover. 

3. Platt’s Newhorizon Special Edition

LB (20,4)

1. Metcalfe’s Baileydale Miss Busybody JW. Absolutely top quality very eye catching yellow of good breed type, short coupled with a lovely balanced outline. Well presented in good coat and condition. Sweet head eye and expression. Good front and depth of chest. Good reach of neck, firm topline with good spring of rib. Strong quarters and good turn of stifle. Showed and moved very well. Delighted to award her the CC.

2. Bailiss’ Tissalian Whispering Wind. Nice feminine black with kind head and expression. Good over all general construction, strong hind quarters, in good coat with good tailset. Steady mover. 

3. Powell’s Seatallan Waterlily

OB (12,3)

1. Hodge’s Naiken Alize. Well constructed chocolate with sweet head and good eye 

colour shown in good coat. Good bone and good front and rear angulation. Moved well.

2. Mills’ Sh Ch Lembas Pretty Amazing Grace JW. A very nice yellow with a really nice head and expression. Well made with clean outline and level topline. Showed and moved well. 

3. O’Brien’s Maxfield Maybelline JW

SBB (5)

1. Flockton’s Dysonleigh Annapolis

2. Edwards Kimbajak Bella Giola JW ShCM. Well balanced yellow with good head and expression. She has a clean outline with good neck and topline with good tailset. Moved well.

3. Bean’s Celtwood Rose Quartz

SWB (5,1)

1. Maclean’s Ch Afinmore Antora ShCM. Very well balanced chocolate bitch presented in good coat. Lovely head with correct eye colour, strong hindquarters, second thigh and well let down hocks, she has got a well angulated upperarm and bone substance with level topline to make the outline very pleasing. Moved with drive.

2. King’s Linthwaite Cleopatra JW. Nicely made yellow of good type with sweet head, good reach of neck and well muscled quarters. Not quite the balance of 1. Moved well.

3. King’s Linthwaite Cosette

VB (9,3)

1. Dodd’s Sh Ch Brockburrow Breaking Dawn. Very nice black almost 8 years I really like, with good conformation in super coat and condition, has all the essentials that makes her top class. Strong neck into excellent shoulder placement with level topline and good tailset, excellent ribcage, strong in loin, strong well angulated quarters and tight feet. Moved very well.

2. Rogers’ Woodmist Saffron. Very good quality 10 year old yellow with pleasant head, clean outline, short coupled and nicely balanced. Happy girl who does not look her age, moved well. 

3. Jury’s Tibblestone Sky Larkin


Lynda Miles (Judge)