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24 Dog Open Field Trial For A/V Retrievers 14th and 15th October 2019

Held at The Riverside Shoot, Sedbury, Chepstow by kind permission of Mr Colin Markey.

Judges: Mr Mike Larkin, Mr Colin Pelham, Mr John Stubbs and Mr Alan Buckland


The principal winners with the Judges and Field Trial Secretary Sam Hynd


1st - Kestrelway Harry, handled by Sandra Onens

2nd - Loughbrook Barrack of Tagabea, handled by Paula Cullis

3rd - Suthcharic Evie, handled by Sue Berman

COM - Troddenmills Get A Grip at Dacreford, handled by Wendy Glue

COM - Leadburn Vanessa, handled by Keith Broomfield

Guns' choice - Hassycott Sea Snipe, handled by Julia Redpath